Aelia restaurant is the MUST-TRY place and a revelation of Greek Modern Cuisine located at Nea Skioni. A fully renovated spot with delicate design, natural colors and wooden details, embodied ideally to the surrounding area that evokes the beauty of Greece’s nature. With the waves literally below you, you will experience the Aegean freshness gracing your senses and a positive aura offering the expected enthusiasm. We suggest to explore the restaurant, wonder in the blossom gardens and take a dip in our beach before or after your meal. This summer Aelia promises to entice you with exclusive dishes, hearty portions and prices. You are welcome any time…


One of our greatest secrets in order to offer you unique gastronomical experiences is our people. Aelia along with its friendly team presents you with its knowledge, professionalism and warmth while our Chef, Ioannis Arabatzis, serves you his passion, creativity and a longtime practice that will introduce you to exquisite tastes of highest standards. From breakfast to dinner, you will be tempted to try everything on the menu and visit again and again. From our side, we will make sure you receive timely, professional and friendly service in a clean, comfortable and picturesque place.


From the ancient times to the present days, Greek dietary is known worldwide for its distinctive tastes accompanied by great health benefits. Greek cuisine is based on three main factors and principles…its variety, moderation and mostly the ideal balance. Greeks, tend to appreciate all groups of food like dairy, fruits, vegetables, cereals, pasta, fish, pulses, poultry, red meat, nuts and last but not least olive oil. Practically there are no forbidden choices as all food play their role in our nutritional needs and the addition of olive oil in cooking and salads protects us from oxidation and stimulates vitamin absorption. Greek Modern Cuisine has excelled at bringing the best out of each food and serving not only extraordinary tastes but mostly healthy meals. Go ahead and try it…

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